Men Reveal the 15 Habits They Can’t Stand About Women – Any Surprises?

We all know that sometimes guys and girls don’t agree. Some guys find certain things about girls kind of annoying. Here are 15 things guys really don’t like about girls.

1. Fake Anything

Woman Point Pout Lips
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It seems that what women call “enhancements” do not register as such to men. A lot of men believe that having “fake anything” is the most unlikeable thing in women.

This includes fake lips, lashes, nails, and implants. Women, however, are quick to respond that men only do not like these if they are poorly done.

2. Hating On Other Women

Two Woman Shopping Hate Look
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One guy talked about a girl he dated who loved throwing hate on other women. One woman shared that she was like that when she was younger because she saw other girls as competition. Other people have commented that this is usually due to self-esteem issues.

3. Pretending Not To Notice Men

Woman Ignore Man Kitchen
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One person shared that women have a habit of pretending not to care or notice even if they like someone. While this is okay initially, doing it further into the dating stage can be a little annoying. Some said that some women are only playing hard to get.

On the contrary, women believe men should exert more effort to be noticed. Does it mean they are not trying hard enough?

4. Dropping Hints Instead of Being Direct

Man Look at Woman Question Mark
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Omega has an experience with a female housemate who told him early on that she was lesbian. After being just friends, the girl suddenly started spending more time with him.

Only when they started dating did the girl reveal that she was actually giving him hints!

6. Trying to Look Like Other Women

Woman Copy Clone Barcode
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Somebody said that women who try to copy or look like certain influencers are a turn-off.

One person seconded this opinion and said celebrities trying to impose beauty standards are vile and manipulative. “They continue to make the world my daughters will grow up in worse,” another added.

7. Fake Baby Voice

Woman Open Mouth Talk With Letters
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While some women probably find this cute, other men get irritated by women sounding like a baby. Then, some remarked they find women with deep, husky voices more attractive.

8. Acting Rude and Entitled

Woman Rude Hand Palm
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Men do not like women who are rude and feel entitled.

Well, who would want to be with someone who thinks they can always have things their way? Others agree that this is not empowerment and is an unlikeable trait in general.

9. Trying to Look Dumb

Woman Shrug Clueless Yellow Shirt
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Someone shared that they have seen women dumb themselves down for the man they love. It appears that many other men have seen this too and they do not think it is right.

A few women defended themselves, saying it was necessary to act less intelligent in order not to hurt their man’s ego.

10. Being “Wannabe” Influencers

Woman Smiling Phone Bike Bench
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One person said that he gets annoyed by women who are trying hard to be influencers. They are referring to women who post their lives on the internet to gain followers.

Some men say that, while there are people who post worthwhile content, some women just post anything for the likes. Somebody else commented that it’s a problem with both men and women.

11. Too Many Selfies and Online Validation

Woman Selfie Pink Background
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Steeze said that one of the things he hates is women taking endless selfies and posting them. They further said that it is like women seem to need a daily dose of online dopamine.

Someone also shared that some girls just post pictures of their faces all day, every day, and it is irritating.

12. Too Conscious Of Physical Appearance

Woman Looking Mirror
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Women generally want to look good for men. However, one person says that if a woman makes a bigger deal of it than trying to improve her personality, that makes her unappealing.This person also says that if women focus more on their looks – their face, hair, body – they are just objectifying themselves.

13. Acting Like Somebody’s Mother

Woman Nag Man Wife Angry
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Somebody said that he does not like women who act like his mother.

People who responded asked why that was a problem. One other person said that he probably does not like being told what to do.

14. Using Excessive Filters in Photos

Woman Tablet Photo Filter
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Ever since filters became a thing, it has been almost impossible to see unfiltered photos online.

One person said that filters have made people look unrecognizable. Another joked that he might find himself looking for a poreless woman with puppy eyes and a sparkly halo.

15. Being Overly Jealous

Woman Looks Jealous Man Texting
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While this is human nature, toxic amounts of jealousy could drive a man away.

A man shared that women usually start by asking about the girls he knows and eventually ask him to stop talking to them. He left some advice, saying that people with this type of partner should get out of the relationship.

Which experience can you most relate to?

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