Men Reveal The 15 Habits They Can’t Stand About Women

It is no secret that men and women do not always see eye to eye. And there are certain things about women that some men find annoying.

Things Men Really Don’t Like About Women

1. Fake Anything

It seems that what women call “enhancements” do not register as such to men. A lot of men believe that having “fake anything” is the most unlikeable thing in women.

2. Hating On Other Women

One guy discussed a girl he dated who enjoyed belittling other women, while another woman admitted she used to do the same when she was younger, viewing other girls  as rivals.

3. Pretending Not To Notice Men

One person shared that women have a habit of pretending not to care or notice even if they like someone.

4. Dropping Hints Instead Of Being Direct

Omega had a female housemate who disclosed her lesbian orientation, but as they remained friends, she began spending more time with him unexpectedly.

5. Trying To Look Like Other Women

Somebody said that women who try to copy or look like certain influencers are a turn-off.