13 Terrifying Encounters with Unexplainable Phenomena: Stories Shared

In the mood for some spine-tingling stories that will keep you up at night? While browsing the Internet, I found a site where people shared their first-hand encounters with the supernatural.

I got hooked instantly and summarized the best ones in this article.

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A person shared a chilling brush with death: a massive tree fell on the road as they drove, and menacing chainsaw-wielding men appeared from black cars moments later.

1. The Mysterious Chainsaw Men

In their teens, at a friend's, they ventured out late. At 3 a.m., a blinding flash lit distant mountains, but darkness quickly returned, like a flicked switch.

2. A Petrifying Flash  Of Light

While cleaning a park sidewalk among trees, they were shocked by a 10-pound rock falling from the sky, hitting the pavement, and vanishing into a creek.

3. A Tumbling Rock From The Heavens

While on duty as a helicopter pilot, they stumbled upon a bone-chilling sight: a cow leg, stripped of its skin, nestled under the trees.

4. A Bone-Chilling  Severed Leg

They were walking with a companion when a familiar voice jolted them—it called out their companion’s name three times, leaving them unnerved.

5. A Haunting Voice In  The Dark


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