Beware: The 12 Unfriendliest States in America Revealed – Is Your State One of Them?

Do you stay in an area where it’s simple to ask for a ladder? Or do you stay in a place where it’s better to keep your things private instead of being friendly with neighbors? If you live in one of these 12 states, it’s likely you’re in the second group. Check out the list of the 12 states in America that aren’t known for being very friendly.

The states were chosen and ranked based on several components that make them unfriendly, not just in terms of the community and the basic definition of friendliness but also in terms of crime and corrections, fiscal stability, education, economy, healthcare, infrastructure, natural environment, and opportunity.

Let’s see which states made the list.

1. Michigan

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Michigan is considered one of the unfriendliest states in America with its crime rate being high. It also has incredibly low volunteer opportunities. 

Many claim that Detroit is the rudest city in the state.

2. New York

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New York falls on the 11th place in the list of the unfriendliest states in the US. The state is known for no-nonsense people who are blunt and straight to the point. Citizens are not welcoming and have very little patience for tourists. 

While it’s the state known as the melting pot, the clash of cultures, values, and beliefs may have contributed to the state’s unfriendliness. 

3. Kentucky

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Coming in 10th place is the state of Kentucky, with one of the lowest fiscal stability because of a 1.8 billion dollar shortfall.

While its performance in infrastructure and crime can be qualified as good, the status of the state’s healthcare and fiscal instability is worrying, along with the highest rank in poverty. 

4. South Carolina

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South Carolina comes next in the list of the unfriendliest states in the United States.

The basis for this comes from the low quality of education and high crime rate. There’s been a notable steady increase in rates of aggravated assault and murder since 2016. The state’s poverty gap is also notable as one of the worst in America. 

5. Oklahoma

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Oklahoma comes next, ranking 8th in this list of the unfriendliest states in America. As a result of awful healthcare access, 20% of the population aged 19 to 64 in this state do not have access to healthcare insurance. It also has the highest rate of non-medical drug use in the country.

Meanwhile, its incarceration rate falls in the second spot, where 639 of every 100,000 people in jail are from Oklahoma. 

6. Arkansas

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Mainly because of high crime rates and worrying healthcare conditions, Arkansas is also on this list. Its dental care access and cardiovascular disease rates are considered one of the worst in America. This might be due to the fact that the state also ranks second in terms of the highest rate of tobacco use.

Arkansas also has the 4th highest incarceration rate and 4th highest in terms of violent crimes. Its economic struggles and poverty rates are also considerably high, which proves how hard it is to live in this state.

7. Alaska

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Alaska also made the list of the unfriendliest states in America. Since the state heavily depends on tourism and oil industries, its economy took a hit during the pandemic.

All the other components linked to the economy followed through, from the unemployment rate to wage growth. 

8. Alabama

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Another one of the unfriendliest states in the United States is Alabama, where the major concerns are focused on healthcare and education. Back in 2019, it ranked last in terms of the educational system, and while it somehow improved, it’s still far from the average. The progress is also way slower than the country’s average rate. 

Healthcare is another major issue in Alabama, and people have almost no access to insurance. Depression, chronic disease, diabetes, and obesity are rampant and the highest among all other states. 

9. West Virginia

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West Virginia is heavily affected by the overall condition of the state of Mississippi.

It has a reputation for having the worst infrastructure industry in the country, where almost a third of all the state’s roads are in bad condition. 

10. New Mexico

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New Mexico is yet another unfriendliest state in the United States. The state’s education system ranks last among all other states, and public schools are described as the worst in the country.  

In the state, only 75% of the students actually graduate from high school, which is below the national average of 85.8%. New Mexico has a poverty rate of 17% and records the highest level of childhood poverty in the country.  

11. Mississippi

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Mississippi has an awful reputation in terms of many of the components considered in this list. The state ranks last in healthcare and in the
Economic Hardship Index. 

It has a low level of access to healthcare, where 20% of the population does not have health insurance, and the highest obesity rate in the country (38.7%). It also leads in terms of low birth weight and infant mortality. 

In terms of poverty, almost 20% of the population lives below the poverty line (close to the top 1). This is further affected by other components, including food insecurity and unemployment. 

12. Louisiana

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Then we have Louisiana, which, unfortunately, is popular for ranking low in many components, including education and crime.

The state records the highest rates in terms of homicide and incarceration. It also performs the worst in the components of education and opportunity. Almost 20% of the residents fall under the poverty line too.

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