Escape to The Anam Cam Ranh: Where Luxury Takes on a New Meaning in Vietnam’s Coastal Gem

Cam Ranh is a city by the sea in Vietnam, and it’s well-known for its pretty beaches, clear blue waters, and lively sea animals.

We jumped at the opportunity when planning our visit to Vietnam, and The Anam Cam Ranh invited us to stay. The Anam is a five-star beach resort located in Cam Ranh, Vietnam. It blends modern luxury and traditional charm with beautiful decorations and warm Vietnamese hospitality. 

You can relax and enjoy the resort’s sparkling pools, lush lawns, and delicious cuisine showcasing local and international flavors. The Anam is known for its services and provides a peaceful and stylish retreat for guests to create lasting memories.

What The Anam Cam Ranh Has To Offer

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The Anam Cam Ranh has 77 villas and 136 rooms and suites, all designed with a touch of elegance. Three thousand palm trees surround the Anam and cover twelve acres of land. On the property, at least seventy percent of the resort is trees, creating a very intimate feeling. 

There are many fun activities to do during the day, like kayaking, snorkeling, riding motorbikes, and organizing a day trip with help from the resort. And when the night comes, you can relax in luxurious accommodations at the five-star resort right by the beach.

The Three Main Swimming Pools

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The Anam Cam Ranh has three swimming pools. You can choose the central pool to have an amazing view over the lawn and sea. There’s also a lagoon and a free-form pool. 

If needed, there are lifevests available, and there are lifeguards present. If you want more privacy, you can stay in a villa with its own pool to enjoy.

Lang Viet Restaurant & Bar

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Lang Viet Restaurant & Bar is located by the beach at The Anam, so you have a meal with a lovely sea breeze. 

They serve delicious Vietnamese food that combines traditional flavors with a modern touch. Their menu is divided into dishes from both the northern and southern regions of Vietnam, giving you plenty of options.

The Villa, Room, or Suite You Stay In

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When you enter your accommodation, you’ll notice the spacious balconies or terraces where you can relax and enjoy the surroundings. The rooms are decorated with beautiful aqua and yellow colors, creating a cheerful atmosphere. 

The floors are made of special tiles that look like antiques, and the furniture is crafted from local hardwood, which is good for the environment. One special thing you’ll find in the rooms is the original paintings by a famous Vietnamese artist, which adds a unique and luxurious feel to your stay.

Breakfast at the Indochine

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You can find The Indochine at The Anam, a restaurant that offers a buffet-style experience. They change their warm meals throughout the week so that guests can try different dishes during their stay. Their morning buffet breakfast offers many delicious options like Vietnamese, Asian, and Western food. 

You can enjoy steaming dim sum, fluffy char siu bao, fresh spring rolls, crispy bacon, grilled tomatoes, pastries, bread, tropical fruit, waffles, pancakes, and more. They even have a live cooking station where you can see your food being made. On top of that, they serve freshly squeezed juices.

Sunrise and Sunset Yoga Sessions

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A yogi and meditation practitioner lives at the Anam Cam Ranh, leading yoga and meditation twice daily. They offer complementary yoga sessions on the beach or in an assigned room if it rains, five times a week, during sunrise and sunset. 

He can also give you private sessions to help you move and be more aware of your body and mind. And if you want to show off to the homefront, he can take pictures while doing yoga for you to share. 

The Anam Spa 

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The Anam Spa is a peaceful place to relax and revitalize. It offers a sanctuary of serenity where guests can indulge in luxurious treatments, unwind amidst tranquil surroundings, and restore their minds, body, and soul. They have different treatments from the East with Western healing practices that can help you feel rejuvenated. 

The spa uses natural ingredients and pleasing scents that you can pick yourself to make you feel the most comfortable. The hardest decision you must take here is which spa treatment you want. 

The Anam Cam Ranh Offers Relaxing Nature All Around

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The resort owner believes in the importance of having lots of trees and the relaxing effects of nature on your body and mind. That’s why they ensured that around seventy percent of the resort is covered with trees. 

They only bought new trees to plant when building, and now they are regrowing more trees by using the ones they already have with the help of their talented gardeners. As a result, the view at the resort is breathtaking, and it’s also great for the environment.

The Colonial Restaurant

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The Colonial Restaurant is a special place for fine dining. You’ll feel transported to another part of the world as you try the best French and modern European dishes. They use the finest ingredients to create delicious meals, like tender steak and caviar. 

For breakfast, you can choose from various juices and tasty baked goods. And if you’re in the mood for something special, don’t miss their a la carte menu. It’s worth trying out for yourself so you know the delicious options they offer.

Indochine Charm and Modern Luxury at The Anam Cam Ranh

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The Anam Cam Ranh is renowned for its exceptional luxury and timeless elegance, offering guests an exquisite beachfront retreat in the stunning Cam Ranh Bay of Vietnam. 

This resort is known for its impeccable service, world-class amenities, and natural beauty. From its pristine private beach and lush tropical gardens to its opulent accommodations and dining experiences, 

The Anam Cam Ranh creates a remarkable haven where guests can immerse themselves in ultimate relaxation, indulge in unmatched hospitality, and create unforgettable memories in a truly idyllic setting.

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