12 Rules For Men To Know and Live By – Do You Know Them All?

Are you curious about the unspoken, universal rule that all males supposedly know? I stumbled upon this intriguing question while scrolling on the internet. The answers provided by users were so fascinating that I couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

So, what is this rule that is known to all males but is rarely spoken about? According to the top-voted responses, it is the nod, a subtle gesture of acknowledgment that men use to greet each other without saying a word. If you want to know the others, read all the twelve rules men know and live by below. 

1. Males Must Groan

Bearded Man Shrugging Shoulders MSN

The best-voted comment is that when you reach a certain age, you must groan when either sitting or standing up, even if there is no pain.

Sebata stated that it is automatic. Many people confirmed they didn’t want to make noise, but they did it anyhow. Be prepared. 

2. You Must Smack Your Pockets

Man Smiling Happy Standing Besides Wall MSN

“You must smack your pockets when leaving to make sure everything is there,” another user shared. Someone clarified that it’s a triple pat.

Make sure you have your phone, keys, and wallet. A man without perfect eyesight elaborated that he adds his glasses to his pockets before leaving. 

3. The Nod

Two Men Talkig in a Coffeeshop Man to Man MSN

It doesn’t need much more explaining than the nod being the nod. Except for me, so I’m glad someone did just that.

Down means “I acknowledge your presence non-threateningly and am moving on. Good day.” Up is either “Oh hey, what’s up” to a friend or “You need something from me/ Trying to tell me something?“ to a stranger. Well, that’s informative.

4. The W I D E Step

Man Walking With Bike Steps Background MSN

“The W I D E step, all of you know,” one wrote. I’m not a man, and even I know it’s when your ‘family jewels’ aren’t sitting right, so you take a really wide step and hope they will rearrange themselves.

Many admitted they agree on this one, and two examples are “My lady cracks up when I’m walking ahead and give the old wide-step AND mid-step shake.” Another admits, “It’s like pulling a fruit roll-up off of the plastic.”

5. No to Neighbours at the Urinal

Man Using Urinal Toilet MSN

One user expressed that when there’s a choice between urinals, use the one that minimizes the chances of neighboring another occupied urinal. And rule number two, don’t talk to people beside you while you’re both peeing. 

Also, I learned that one of the rules for sharing a urinal is, “You NEVER CROSS THE STREAMS” unless you’re drunk. Never too old to learn, I guess. 

6. Stand in a Circle Around Cars

Man Checking Tire Pressure on Car in Woods MSN

Another one of the rules men live by is if a hood of a car is open, you must stand around the car and look inside the car. Similar to grills at an event.

Many people confirmed they do this, and one added that whenever he had car issues, he would pop the hood open to inspect it, jiggle at random things, and try to see if his car was back to normal. If not, he would call his mechanic and pay him to fix his car. “But never before opening up my hood to inspect it for any missing engines.”

7. Be A Bystander While Your Bro is Grilling

Man Grilling Outside on BBQ Barbecue MSN

“You must stand by your bro while he’s grilling and comment about the level of awesome it’s going to be,” Belch said.

Examples of compliments they would give are “splendiferous grill lines, my man,” “most bodacious char, my dude,” and “that chicken is downright buxom, my boy.”

8. Buy the Next Round of Drinks

Group Of Friends Dancing At Party MSN

“If a friend buys you a drink, you don’t pay it back. You just buy the next round,” Thomas responded. And if a bartender is friendly, you tip well. Very well. Free drinks should never be free. You were going to pay anyway, do so still. Insist, even.

They also concluded that life happens even when a tab is open for two years. People will always remember whose turn it is and will open the conversation with, “The next round is on me.”

9. Squeeze the Drill Trigger Twice

Man Using Powertools Drill Fixing Up the House MSN

You must squeeze the drill trigger at least twice after installing a new battery. Otherwise, this user claims that the “Dad Gods,” as he calls them, would manifest your project to fail. 

One fast squeeze to show the power the drill possesses. The second is slow to show that you have control over this mighty tool.

10. Anytime Using a Stud Finder

Hammer Nails Screwdriver Tools Toolbox Centimeter Stud Finder MSN

Tort claimed that anytime you use a stud finder, you must first use it on yourself and say, “Found one.” “Just checking to make sure it works” is also acceptable, another added. 

Begonia shared that her husband has brackets in his back from surgery. She ran his stud finder down his back as a joke. It went off to both their surprise. “My husband is a stud!” She exclaimed. 

11. Calling Shotgun in a Friend’s Car 

Woman Driving in Car, Behind the Wheel MSN

Jim claims you can’t call shotgun in a friend’s car if he has his girlfriend/wife in the group. They have earned the right to sit in the passenger’s seat.

12. Never Turn Your Homie Into a Clown

Man And Woman On Date While Woman Looks Bored MSN

“Never turn your homie into a clown to make a girl laugh.” This is the wisdom shared by a user named Meyz. According to many, this is important.

Many comments came down to this one comment saying, “I turn into a clown FOR my homie. Gotta make them look better.”

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