The 11 Most Disappointing TV Shows That Couldn’t Even Hold Audiences for a Single Episode: Did You Watch Any?

There are so many TV shows to pick from, and it’s hard to know which ones are not good. I came across a chat online where people talked about shows they didn’t like. I thought it was interesting, so I put together the most popular opinions in this article.

1. Riverdale

Riverdale TV Show MSN
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“Riverdale” faced backlash from fans who couldn’t bear to witness their beloved Archie comics being butchered. Many assumed the adaptation would stay faithful to the comics but pointed to the show’s non-linear storylines and “ridiculous” writing as major letdowns.

Another person chimed in, mentioning that the “unlikeable characters” and “inconsistent characterization” led them to drop the show entirely.

2. Breaking Bad

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The critically acclaimed 5-season series “Breaking Bad” had a 9.4 user rating on IMDb and was America’s most-watched TV show at some point. However, several viewers couldn’t grasp its appeal initially.

One commenter confessed, “I hated the first episode and stopped. A year later, my husband kept trying to get me to watch. So I gave in, and the rest is history.” Others echoed the sentiment as they, too, struggled to connect with the show’s dark premise and slow beginnings but eventually got hooked after giving it another shot.

3. That 90’s Show

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“That 90’s Show” failed to grip audiences as it missed the mark in replicating the time period it was supposedly set in. A few users described the show as off-putting, stating that the cast themselves didn’t seem very invested in their roles and gave off a “theater acting” vibe.

Another user added that it lacked the nostalgia factor and had numerous errors in set decoration, costumes, slang, and plot points, leading them to quip, “It’s like the creators were in a coma the entire 90s.”

4. The 100

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“The 100” was disliked for its characters making immature decisions early on in the plot. People were appalled by the adult actors portraying childish behavior.

Additionally, those who watched it found the main character’s “whiny voice” bothersome.

5. Velma

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The animated series “Velma” is based on the character Velma Dinkley from “Scooby-Doo” and was criticized for its corny punchlines and overly cynical tone. The show also suffered from bad press due to excessive changes to the source material.

One viewer even admitted that it only took 8 minutes of watching “Velma” for them to decide to shut their TV off.

6. Black Mirror

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The “Black Mirror” pilot episode features an extremely graphic scene without much warning, which commenters described as “polarizing” and “uncomfortable.”

One overwhelmed person said, “I couldn’t take my eyes off it, but when the credits rolled, I didn’t know what to do. I definitely didn’t feel comfortable hitting ‘Next Episode.’” I consider “Black Mirror” one of the best sci-fi series ever created, but I can totally empathize with those who couldn’t take any more of its scandalous plot twists.

7. The Idol

The Idol TV Show MSN
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The Weeknd, known for his megahit “Blinding Lights,” made his acting debut on “The Idol.” Unfortunately, the show was met with controversy due to its distasteful messages and offensive dialogue.

Several users said the show’s cringe-worthy acting and the poorly written script made it “bad on so many levels.”

8. Euphoria

Euphoria TV Show MSN
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The show “Euphoria” starring Zendaya, left audiences disappointed with its unrealistic portrayal of high schoolers—many argued that it was simply too “far-fetched from reality.”

Also, its inclusion of minors in inappropriate scenes proved disturbing, prompting viewers to stop watching and never pick it up again.

9. Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer TV Show MSN
Image Credit: CJ Entertainment/IMDb

Several people who attempted to get into “Snowpiercer” didn’t appreciate its bizarre and unbelievable premise. Others voiced out their gripes with the questionable world-building aspect of the show.

Someone wrote in utter puzzlement, “You’re telling me humanity’s best shot at surviving frozen dystopia is by riding a train across the world? Without any significant rail or train problems for nearly a decade?”

10. Bridgerton

Bridgerton TV Show MSN
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The historical inaccuracy in “Bridgerton” turned some viewers off. Others argued that the “unrealistically colorful” aesthetics significantly hindered their enjoyment of the show.

One person likened “Bridgerton” to a “fast food version of Jane Austen,” while another described it as a mishmash of “Pride and Prejudice” and “Gossip Girl.”

11. Yellowstone

Yellowstone TV Show MSN
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Many disliked “Yellowstone” because they found it uninteresting and one-dimensional. The pilot episode’s lengthy runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes, primarily dedicated to introducing characters, did little to captivate audiences. Sadly, the show failed to hold viewers’ attention.

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