Using Hard Money Lenders as a Real Estate Investor

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Navigating the world of financing in the real estate market can be a daunting task, especially for real estate investors. But thanks to hard money lenders, you can get credit for your next property or project without dealing with a bank. With flexible terms and quick funding times, hard money loan programs have a lot going for them. This article will explain more about how hard money lenders work – including their benefits and drawbacks. Ultimately, these loans can provide essential capital when traditional financing options aren’t available, … Read more

5 Most Common Sources of Business Startup Capital

5 Most Common Sources Of Business Startup Capital

Starting a business is a daunting feat. Not only do you need a great idea and a solid business plan, but you’ll need to gather the funds to get your organization off the ground. Many small business owners can use their own equity to launch their businesses, but others will have to take on debt in the form of credit cards or loans. Using Census Bureau Annual Business Survey data, altLINE compiled the most common sources of business startup and acquisition capital. This 2018 survey is the most … Read more

How to Buy And Sell NFTs: 4 Best NFT Marketplaces

How to Buy And Sell NFTs 4 Best NFT Marketplaces

Surely, you have heard about NFTs by now, right? The most expensive NFT (nonfungible token) with a $91.8 million price tag makes you curious about how to buy and sell NFTs and make that much money.  The very idea of NFTs may still be hard to understand for most people, much more than the reality of investing and trading NFTs.  Cryptocurrencies have preceded NFTs, and some confusion between the two still abounds. Where to begin, then?  Read on for a lowdown on how to trade in this phenomenon. … Read more

How to Start Investing Money: A 9-Step Guide for Beginners

How to Start Investing Money A 9-Step Guide for Beginners

Learning how to start investing can feel confusing to new investors. Failed attempts to translate investment jargon and seeing ticker symbols run across your screen as you watch the morning news is enough to keep potential investors out of the investing game for good. How to Start Investing There is no one right way to start investing. But, after listening to your co-worker, uncle, and neighbor swear by their investment strategies, you’re likely ready for some actionable tips.  This guide walks you through nine simple steps to overcome … Read more

Captivating Profits, Controversial Practices, and Corporate Plundering: What Is Private Equity?

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Private equity is one of the largest areas of the financial sector but remains largely a mystery to most. Since the average retail investor generally doesn’t have direct access to private equity funds, they become a black box. So, what is private equity, and how can it affect you and your finances? Unless you’re a long-term professional or institutional investor, you most likely won’t interact directly with a private equity firm in your financial dealings. However, these firms are major players in the financial world and may still … Read more

Here are 16 of the Best Safe Investments With High Returns

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Are you looking for ways to have an additional income stream aside from your day job? Why not try investing your money? If you are hesitant because of the risk, there are safe investments with high returns for you to try.  In an ideal world, investors look for investments that provide high returns and low risk. However, investments with high returns are often associated with increased risk and vice versa. For investors to get the highest returns possible, investors need to take risks. That is challenging for inexperienced investors. That … Read more