Invest In Online Lenders? Stikcredit Announces A Funding Round On Seedrs

StikCredit Seedrs Campaign

Do you want to make money investing in peer-to-peer lenders? Let’s check out the loan originator Stikcredit, listed on Mintos, Viventor, and Bondster.  Stikcredit is an online lender, currently with over 14,000 active clients. Stikcredit has a great reputation among peer-to-peer investors, as it’s listed on popular platforms like Mintos.  I’ve invested in Stikcredit through … Read more

Cryptocurrency: What Is a Fiat Currency?

Cryptocurrency What Is A Fiat Currency

If you are looking at cryptocurrency options, such as a Litecoin Exchange, and are wondering if this is for you, it is important to understand exactly what cryptocurrency is and how it works. One turn that you may have heard thrown around is something called a fiat currency. You have probably heard that cryptocurrency is not … Read more

What Is a Short Squeeze?

Woman Trading On Couch Stock - Short Squeeze

A short squeeze is a market event in which short sellers quickly close out bearish positions in a stock, leading to a dramatic surge in the share price. Short squeezes typically occur after a company stock posts a sudden increase. This causes short sellers to try to exit a bearish position quickly. But in order … Read more