20 Hotels That Let You Check In at 18 – Check Out Now!

Traveling under 18 and need a place to stay? There are plenty of lodging options for you if you’re looking for hotels that let you check in at 18. 

While 18 is considered legal in most U.S. states–from driving, voting, or even joining the military–many hotels still won’t let you stay there. Most hotels, especially those with facilities for drinking or gambling, also consider local legal requirements in mind when they require their guests to be older. 

It’s a good thing there are still accommodation options available for people aged 18 and below. This article will guide you in the direction of hotels that allow 18-year-olds to stay at their facilities, so get ready to check-in

Minimum Age Policy at Hotels

The minimum age policy for hotel check-ins is a crucial consideration for young travelers, with most hotels around the world generally requiring guests to be at least 18 years old. The age requirement is primarily for legal reasons, as individuals under 18 are considered minors and may not be legally bound by contracts, including hotel agreements. 

Some hotels may set their minimum age requirement higher, often at 21, especially in locations where alcohol is served or gambling is allowed, to comply with local laws and regulations.

Despite the commonality of the 18-year-old check-in threshold, several well-known hotel chains have policies that do not permit 18-year-olds to check-in. Here’s a brief list:

  • Hyatt: Requires guests to be 21, emphasizing a mature guest experience.
  • Fairmont Hotels: Often sets the bar at 21, aligning with its luxury and responsibility standards.
  • InTown Suites: Adheres to a 21-year minimum, catering to extended stays and responsible occupancy.
  • Choice Hotels: Age requirements may vary, with some locations insisting on guests being 21.

20 Hotels That Allow 18-Year-Olds to Check-in

1. Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels & Resorts is a titan in the hospitality industry, boasting a history that spans over a century. The Hilton family includes well-known brands such as Hampton Inn, Conrad, Hilton Garden Inn, and the luxurious Waldorf Astoria, among others. 

The minimum age requirement at Hilton can be as young as 18 years old, and you can check the Hilton website to see the minimum age to book a room. And for those with an American Express gift card, you’re lucky, as many Hilton hotels accept these as payment.

2. Best Western

Best Western Hotels & Resorts, headquartered in the sunny city of Phoenix, Arizona, offers more than 4,700 locations globally. 

They also offer special discounts for government and military personnel, seniors, and those who like to book early. Best Western’s age policy is flexible, with no fixed standard limit. So, if you’re 18 and looking to book, a simple call to the hotel can set the stage for your next adventure.

3. Marriott Hotels

As the world’s largest hotel chain, Marriott boasts a presence in over 131 countries with a diverse portfolio of 30 brands, including the luxurious Ritz Carlton, the classic Marriott Hotels, and the practical Fairfield Inn & Suites. 

For young travelers, Marriott stands out with its inclusive approach to hospitality. While the brand generally welcomes guests 18 and older to check-in, it’s worth noting that some properties and brands under the Marriott umbrella may have their policies, occasionally requiring guests to be 21.

4. IHG Hotels

IHG Hotels is a global hospitality giant headquartered in Denham, England, boasting around 6,000 properties and nearly 900,000 guest rooms in over 100 countries. Their portfolio includes a diverse range of brands, such as Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, Hotel Indigo, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants, and InterContinental Hotels & Resorts. 

The minimum age requirement at IHG hotels is more than one-size-fits-all. It varies by brand and even by individual properties within the same brand. While some of their hotels welcome guests who are 18 years old, others may have a higher age limit of 21 years old. 

5. Woodspring Suites Huntsville/Madison

Woodspring Suites Huntsville/Madison offers an economical and welcoming stay for guests as young as 18. Each room is a self-contained living space with a fully equipped kitchen, perfect for short and extended stays

The hotel’s prime location makes it an excellent base for exploring the local attractions, such as the American Space & Rocket Center, which is just a walk away. 

6. Red Roof Inn

Next, Red Roof Inn, with its roots in Columbus, Ohio, offers more than 650 locations predominantly across the Midwest, East, and South of the United States. The economy hotel chain is known for its value, providing perks like complimentary pet stays, discounts for senior travelers, and savings for government and military personnel. 

When it comes to checking in, Red Roof Inn also varies in its age policies. While you can sign up for a Red Roof Inn Rewards card at 18, the minimum age to check-in alone can be as young as 18 or as old as 21, depending on the location. 

7. Radisson

Radisson, a renowned name in the hospitality industry, boasts a portfolio of over 1,500 hotels and more than 240,000 rooms across 120 countries. With a family of brands that includes Radisson Blu, Radisson Red, and Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, among others, they offer a diverse range of accommodations. 

The Radisson Rewards program also allows members to save up to 10% on bookings. Radisson’s minimum age requirement is 18, making it a welcoming option for young adults.

8. Millennium Hotels & Resorts

Millennium Hotels & Resorts operates from dual headquarters in Singapore and London, managing over 125 hotels in 22 countries. Their brands, including Lengs and Copthorne, offer a spectrum of experiences from luxury to comfortable budget stays. 

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all age policy, many Millennium locations do accommodate guests who are 18. However, some of their properties might have a higher age limit, requiring guests to be at least 21. 

9. Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts

The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts stands out with its global presence, boasting over 100 luxurious properties across 46 countries. 

The minimum age requirement for 18-year-olds looking to check in can vary by location. While some Four Seasons hotels welcome guests at 18, others may have a higher age limit of 21. 

10. Starwood Hotels

Starwood Hotels, now under the Marriott umbrella, once reigned with a portfolio of over 1,200 hotels and approximately 370,000 guest rooms in 100 countries. This brand family includes well-known names like AloftSheraton, and St. Regis

Many Starwood hotels in the US allow 18-year-olds to check in with a valid ID and a major credit card. It’s a good practice to verify the check-in age when planning your visit to ensure a seamless travel experience.

11. Wyndham Worldwide Hotels and Resorts

Wyndham Worldwide Hotels and Resorts is a massive name in hotels and can be found in over 95 countries. They own 20 hotel brands, including well-known ones like Travelodge and Ramada. 

Wyndham is good for young people who want to book a hotel room because they often let 18-year-olds check-in. But depending on where the hotel is or its brand, you might need to be 21 to check-in. 

12. Dry Inn & Suites

Drury Inn & Suites is a warm, family-owned chain in over 25 states, boasting more than 150 welcoming locations. Their approach to hospitality is flexible, with some properties allowing 18-year-olds to book and check-in, while others might require you to be 21. It’s a mix that reflects their commitment to accommodating guests’ diverse needs. 

Before you book, just call the Drury Inn & Suites you’re looking at to check their rules for young travelers. This quick step can help you avoid disappointment when you get there.

13. Hyatt Regency

The famous Hyatt Hotels, from Chicago, are known for their luxury and comfort. They have more than 1,050 properties across 68 countries. Hyatt’s diverse portfolio includes brands like Hyatt Residence ClubHyatt PlaceHyatt HouseHyatt Zilara, and Grand Hyatt, each offering unique experiences. 

Although Hyatt typically targets a more mature crowd, numerous Hyatt hotels do welcome guests who are 18, though this policy can vary by location.

14. Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels is a big name in the hotel business, with more than 7,110 places to stay and about 597,000 rooms worldwide. They’re planning to open another 1,000 hotels soon. They have a range of hotel brands like Comfort Inn and Econo Lodge that suit different budgets and needs, including longer stays.

For young travelers, Choice Hotels usually lets you check in if you’re 18 or older. But some of their hotels might ask you to be 21. Also, if you’re staying with someone younger than 18, you’ll need someone 21 or older to check in.

15. La Quinta Inn & Suites

La Quinta Inn & Suites has a network of over 910 hotels, mainly in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Honduras. Guests can join the Wyndham Rewards Program as the properties are part of the Wyndham group. 

The check-in age at La Quinta varies—some places let 18-year-olds check-in, while others require you to be 21. It’s a good idea to call the hotel you’re planning to stay at to check their age rules.

16. Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Holiday Inn Express & Suites is a hotel chain that permits 18-year-olds to check in, making it an appropriate choice for young travelers. However, confirming the check-in age with the specific hotel location before booking is crucial, as policies may differ. To ensure a smooth check-in process, consider calling the hotel in advance to verify their age requirements and any additional identification or credit card requirements.

17. Las Vegas Hotels

Las Vegas is a city that sparkles with the promise of excitement and entertainment. While most hotels near the Las Vegas Strip adhere to a 21-year-old check-in policy, notable exceptions welcome 18-year-olds with open arms.

Here are some of the hotels where 18-year-olds can secure a room:

For educators seeking a getaway, teacher discounts are available at hotels like Bally’s, Flamingo, Paris, Rio, Planet Hollywood, and Caesar’s Palace, making a Vegas vacation fun and more affordable.

18. Motel 6

Motel 6 is a popular choice for young travelers in the US and Canada, with over 1,430 spots offering a friendly vibe and affordable stays. Guests get free local calls, morning coffee, and many TV channels. Motel 6, approved by the American Kennel Club, is also pet-friendly.

Guests who are 18 can usually check in at Motel 6. Some places might ask for a military ID or have different rules for those under 21.

19. Hostels

Hostels are another excellent option for 18-year-olds and particularly appeal to budget-conscious travelers. They are a hub for those seeking a communal vibe and social interaction. 

Whether you’re a student on a gap year or a backpacker charting a new journey, hostels are a welcoming space for those starting at 18 years old to check in and start their adventure.

20. Local-Chain Hotels

Finding a hotel that lets 18-year-olds check in can be tricky, as many big hotel chains need you to be 21. Local hotels not part of a big chain are often happy to have you. These places, like unique boutique hotels, comfy bed and breakfasts, and family-run motels, usually let younger travelers check-in. 

Other Accommodation Options For 18-Year-Olds

If the hotels you are eyeing for your accommodations enforce a strict age policy on 18-year-olds, you’ve got other options.

Hostels are a great choice—they’re welcoming to younger guests and perfect for those on a budget. Airbnb is another good bet, with many hosts open to renting to under-18s if you chat with them first and get the okay.

Before you book, reach out to the place you want to stay. Ask about their rules for guests under 18. This way, you can ensure you have everything you need for a smooth check-in. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Hotels That Let You Check In at 18

Do Hotels Check You in if You’re Under 18?

Most hotels and resorts require you to be at least 18 to enter a guest room because that’s when you’re legally considered an adult. However, some hotel chains might allow younger guests with specific conditions, like certain budget hotels or extended-stay inns. 

Do You Need To Be 18 to Book a Hotel?

Generally, you must be 18 to book a hotel room because that’s the age you can legally enter into agreements, like a hotel booking. Some places to stay, including boutique hotels or beachfront hotels, might let you book a room if you have parental consent.

Why Don’t Hotels Allow Under-18s?

Many hotels and resorts don’t allow under-18s to check-in due to legal reasons. People under 18 can’t legally be held responsible for hotel charges or damages. Hotels must ensure that all guests are accountable and have a minimum age policy.

Can a 16-Year-Old Stay at a Hotel?

It’s not usual, but some accommodations, especially youth hostels or family hotels, might let a 16-year-old stay with parental permission. These are exceptions, though, and parents or young travelers need to inquire directly with the hotel’s front desk or through their hotel booking sites about policies for young travelers staying alone.

Conclusion – Hotels That Let You Check In at 18

While some hotels may accept 18-year-olds, remember that certain facilities, like the bar or casino, may still be off-limits. 

The fact that a good number of hotels now keep their doors open to younger travelers bodes well for the youth as it helps them get more life experiences, leading to responsibility and self-reliance. Young people should be given the chance to book their own hotel room responsibly because sometimes age is just a number.

This article originally appeared on SparkNomad and has been republished with permission.