40 Christmas Gift Ideas by Age: Thoughtful Presents for Every Generation

What sight could be more delightful than kids opening their presents on Christmas morning? To make the season more fun and full of happy memories for children, check out this list of age-appropriate Christmas gift ideas.

While celebrating the Yuletide season is for everyone, it is a common sentiment that Christmas is for kids, especially since it is popularly associated with a magical Santa Claus and generous gift-giving. 

The family budget may be a big factor in choosing the best gifts for kids. But don’t forget to consider their ages or stage of development, their current interests, and even the trends on the hottest toys they may want to see under the Christmas tree.

We have compiled this list of holiday gifts that won’t break your budget. Grouped according to children’s ages, they will surely make the kids’ Christmas merry and bright! 

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Christmas Gift Ideas – For Newborns

1. Cocomelon JJ Plush Stuffed Doll

The Cocomelon JJ Plush is a delightful surprise whether you’re looking for a kids’ toy as a Christmas gift. The best part is that it costs even less than $25.

2. Giraffes Can’t Dance 

A stuffed animal is a favorite among young readers. Gerald is perfect for dancing, cuddling up for storytime, or striking a pose on a bookshelf. It is an excellent present for new parents and babies, under $30.

3. Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer On The Go Teether Book

The portable exercise Rudolph toy is ideal for babies because it is gentle to the touch and rich in textures. Perfect for fostering early reading experiences and cultivating a passion for books, this plush sensory book features vibrant colors, engaging illustrations, a convenient on-the-go clip, and a teether incorporated into the cover. 

4. Blossom Farm Hanging Toys

Each of these charming Blossom Farm hanging toys for babies promotes sensory discovery and growth at home or while traveling. It improves motor skills and is less than $15.

5. Soft & Gray Hippopotamus Toy

Gerry Grey is a soft, plush hippo with a gray coat, striped ears, and mint feet. You may wash this stuffed animal like your child’s clothes in the washing machine. 

6. Musical Plush Octopus 

The cute octopus stuffed animal has a charming octopus, a screwdriver, and a user manual. Any baby will love this as a Christmas gift.

Christmas Gift Ideas – Toddlers

Baby Girl Playing Upside Down on the Street Stock
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7. Ornament Craft Kit – Away in A Manger 

The homemade ornament honors Christ’s birth. Kids will love making this craft in church or Sunday school. This DIY Christmas ornament will surely become a cherished keepsake for years.

8. Remote Control Reversible Sequins Dinosaur Toy

The personalized dinosaur skin will catch children’s attention and is a better option for girls. This dinosaur toy is a charming Christmas present and costs about $30. Delight your favorite toddler with this fun, thoughtful gift.

9. Party Favors and Fidget Toys for Kids Pack 

A set of 356 pieces of 52 varied fidget toys and party treats is a fun way to catch kids’ attention, stimulate their minds, and foster creativity. It can also enhance children’s powers of observation and thinking skills.

10. Dinosaur Toy

The dark green dinosaur baby toy contains a dinosaur body, a tail that detaches, and a water bottle. Simulated designs and distinct textures increase the realism of dinosaurs. Toddlers will adore it, and it only costs over $30.

11. Baby Einstein Toddler Jams Musical Toy

Baby Einstein’s toddler jams musical toy allows infants to wiggle and groove to more than 30 songs; it is $20 or less!

12. VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

Gross motor abilities are developed when you push or drag the amusing kids’ toy puppy while the cord plays music, speech, and other entertaining sounds. 

Christmas Gift Ideas – Pre-schoolers

13. Karaoke Microphone Machine for Kids

The best microphone for kids is made by Niskite Play and records whatever songs you choose. Your pre-schoolers will adore it, and it costs a little over $20.

14. Bambilo Kids Dance Toy

Bambilo Kids dance toy will engage your kids in varying degrees of interactive play while dancing to the game’s music. It costs about $50.

15. Crayola Ultimate Light Board

Your children will trace and create with the markers on this Crayola board, then use the lights to bring their creations to life. It’s wipe-clean and comes with six gel markers. It is cheaper than $30.

16. Pixies Crystal Flyers

This holiday season, a brand-new pal is ready to hatch. This mystical pixie can fly once she breaks out of her shell. The price is about $20.

17. Hatchery Adventure Set

Hatchery Adventure Set is based on the hit Disney Junior program Dino Ranch. If your child likes the show, they’ll love the toy even more. It just cost around $15. 

18. Baby Yoda: The Child Animatronic Edition

With this adorable Star Wars animatronic toy, you may play the role of Baby Yoda’s guardian for the holidays. The price is about $30.

Christmas Gift Ideas – School-Age Kids

19. Bravo Kids Toys for 3-6-Year-Old Girls and Boys

10-inch LCD vivid screen that is simple to observe and write on, allowing kids’ imaginations to run wild. It is a fantastic, reasonably-priced Christmas present at $46.

20. Skillmatics Board Game: Rapid Rumble

Rapid Rumble is the genre’s quickest, funniest, and smartest game. The price is below $25. Moms will also appreciate this stimulating game for their children’s brain development.

21. Remote Control Car (RC Cars)

On this electric remote control stunt car, your kid can also roll and twist at 360 degrees and drive on a double-sided flip for a different playing experience. The cost is below $20.

22. Paint by Numbers Kits 

With this paint-by-numbers kit, this Christmas present allows kids to express their creativity. Each area is identified and numbered to match the paint with the coordinating number. It costs less than $30. 

23. Classic Creative Building Set

With its 583 colorful pieces, this Lego kit is a great way to give the gift of imagination. It costs around $25.

24. LetsGlow Studio

Modern kids enjoy creating films on their iPads and smartphones. LetsGlow Studio is an analog add-on that makes the videos look amazing. It costs less than $20.

25. The Original Slinky Walking Spring Toy

One and only Original Slinky brand exists. Slinky, created 75 years ago, is still a beloved toy among kids and adults, only costing about $5.

26. Marom

A building engineering toy construction kit will improve your kids’ engineering and arithmetic abilities. This wonderful Christmas present only costs around $30.

27. PECMPO Water and Land RC Car for Kids

Your kid can drive this fully waterproof, featured RC stunt car through snow, ice, mud, beaches, and lakes. It is cheaper than $15.

Christmas Gift Ideas – Teenagers

28. Fidget Pen

This magnetic pen doubles as a great finger magnet playpen and a water pen. The price is below $20.

29. Night Light Bluetooth Speaker Alarm Clock

The wireless portable Bluetooth speaker is ideal for playing music to set the mood at a party and is compatible with all Bluetooth devices. The price is below $40.

30. Shape Shifting Box

The shape-shifting box can be converted into more than 70 shapes, providing hours of entertainment for both children and adults. It just costs about $25.

31. Aromatherapy Shower Bombs

Do you know a teen girl who would adore being treated royally? This pack of six shower bombs is a treat for every young girl. 

32. Mulberry Silk Scrunchies

In addition to the design and hues, this collection of six scrunchies features a smooth and light texture. The naturally smooth and luxurious silk surface is kind to hair, resulting in reduced friction, which means less breakage, fewer frizzes, and fewer tangles.

33. Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

Portable headphones are simple to pair with any Bluetooth-enabled phone is a teen obsession. They only cost about $20.

Christmas Gift Ideas – For Kids of Every Age

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34. Kids Hanging Swing

Give your kid a comfortable place to color and read. This hanging hammock offers children a tranquil and cozy spot for play, fostering a sense of security while also delivering soothing sensations that aid in sensory regulation and relaxation.

35. LED Light Beanie

Your loved one probably won’t anticipate a beanie with a rechargeable LED light. This beanie, equipped with a flashlight, is an ideal companion for outdoor adventures.

36. Reversible Octopus Plushie

Even though these stuffed reversible octopuses are adorable, you can flip the plushie to reflect your joyful, sad, or indifferent mind. It only costs about $15.

37. Tie Dye Poppers

Silicone poppers, like fidget spinners and other sensory toys, occupy fidgety hands to maintain kids’ attention on the job at hand. They cost less than $10!

38. Ambitious Girl

A teen girl will be motivated to remain loyal to her tenacious, aggressive, confident, and, of course, ambitious self on every page of this Ambitious Girl book, which costs less than $20. 

39. The Two Million Dollar Puzzle

Kids can win a million dollars when they put this 500-piece puzzle together. The best part is that they are guaranteed to win some money, even if they don’t take home the big cash.

40. Giant Snakes & Ladders Game

Giant Snakes & Ladders Game is a great way to connect with your kids. This timeless game has undergone a GIANT transformation! The enlarged pieces are ideal for small hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Christmas Gift Ideas

What Do You Give a Grown-up Kid for Christmas?

You can give a grown-up kid pretty much anything you want or whatever they like. Not every kid who is grown up needs to like adult-like things. The key here is to remember the kind of kid you are getting a gift for, and you will be good to go. 

What Useful, Non-Toy Gifts Would Kids Like?

Kids, especially teenagers, love getting electronic items. Hence, you can get anything ranging from haircare accessories for girls to headphones or earphones for both girls and boys. 

What Is the Average Amount To Spend on a Child for Christmas?

You should be okay if you spend around $20-$60 – depending on your budget, on any child of any age on Christmas. 

Ultimately, the key is to focus on the thought and effort behind the gift rather than its monetary value. It’s important to create a joyful and memorable holiday experience for your child without going into debt or overspending. Setting a budget in advance and sticking to it can help you manage your holiday expenses responsibly.

Is It Rude To Give Money as a Gift?

It is not rude to give money as a gift because there is nothing better than being able to make your pick. However, it matters to whom you give the money and whether the parents are conventional adults. The age group of the child matters. You could give money to a teenager, but no use in giving it to a baby or a toddler. 

Conclusion – Christmas Gift Ideas

Did one of these amazing gifts make it to your favorite kid’s Christmas wish list? 

Whether you’re choosing a present for a toddler, a middle schooler, or a teenager, there are numerous delightful options in this carefully selected list to make even the choosiest kid happy that Santa indeed came to town.

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