15 Travel Pros Share Their Best (And Worst) ‘Bang For Your Buck’ Paradises

Traveling is a great way to unwind. Some people travel on a regular basis, while others consider it a luxury they reward themselves with.

What these travelers have in common is they always want to make sure they get the best bang for their buck. Read on to know some of the best and worst places to spend travel money on.

1. Argentina

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Argentina is one country that offers cost-friendly tourism. It has great food and beverages – including wine and beer – and hospitable people. It’s a good starting point for a Latin tour. If only flights were not that expensive, it would definitely be the best destination in the world.

2. Portugal

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For a European tour, Portugal is definitely a bang for the buck. People can spend on luxurious hotels at much cheaper prices. There are accessible tourist attractions, and transportation is a breeze.

3. Argentina, Vietnam, Peru, Mexico, Uzbekistan

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Travel pro, Don, lists Argentina, Vietnam, Peru, Mexico, and Uzbekistan as some countries that offer the best value for money. Vietnam, in particular, offers great food and tourist spots. Meanwhile, Hong Kong, LA, Oslo, and India were considered to be the worst places to spend travel money.

4. Taiwan and Japan

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For people looking for a balance between value and quality, Taiwan is a great choice. This country spells affordable without compromising on value. Japan is also a great option. 

When it comes to the worst, tourism costs in Switzerland are a bit over the top. Traveling in India is also expensive, and quality cannot compensate for that.

5. Poland

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This may come as a surprise, but Poland is one European country that takes it easy on tourists’ budgets. Not only does it have fantastic sightseeing destinations like historical museums and castles, but it is also less crowded. People who have been here cannot resist coming back.

6. Bosnia

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One country that creates a rich and unique cultural and historical experience is Bosnia. Food and accommodation are affordable, and the country itself is beautiful both on the mountainside and coastside.

7. Albania

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Those who love Montenegro will definitely love Albania. It is equally beautiful but with affordable travel options. The beaches, mountains, castles, cultural sites, and artsy architectural structures make for a very diverse travel experience.

8. Slovakia and Budapest

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Probably two less popular travel destinations are Slovakia and Budapest. But tourists will be shocked to find out how many cool places there are to visit in these countries.

You will be more shocked to know that tourism here costs less than in most parts of Western and Central Europe. Both Slovakia and Budapest are beautiful places, so it really depends on you and how you’ll smoothen your budget and itinerary to make the most of the trip.

9. The Balkans

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For travelers who are into Instagram-worthy scenery, landscapes, and some cultural immersion, the Balkans definitely give the best value for money. The people are friendly, the views are breathtaking, and everything comes at affordable prices.

10. Laos

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A Southeast Asian tour is what Seg considers to be bang for the buck. He highly recommends Laos, but, as a whole, Southeast Asia offers a travel experience that is both affordable and worthwhile.

11. Bhutan

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Another best-value destination is Bhutan. It may be more on the expensive side, but overall – the tour packages, accommodation, food, and convenience – it is well worth every penny spent.

12. Colombia

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People easily equate Western countries to higher costs. However, this is not true for Colombia, as it is one place that satisfies a traveler’s cravings at modest rates. People can get great food for $10-15, and going around is like a walk in the park.

13. San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

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Mexico is also a country that has a good lineup of city tours. San Cristobal de las Casas in Chiapas, in particular, is one where tourists may find the most affordable accommodations, tour options, and excellent cuisine.

14. Japan

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Japan does not always come off cheap, especially when people think of Tokyo. But, as Ledge puts it, one can get decent meals for around $11 and dine at Michelin-star restaurants for $20. This is way better than a $14 sandwich in Copenhagen, which he lists as one of the worst and priciest places to go to.

15. Greece and South Africa

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Greece is on many people’s bucket lists for obvious reasons. The views are stunning and unique. It’s also a fairly unpopular must-visit destination compared to many other countries, though it is gaining buzz.

South Africa gives a surprisingly great overall travel experience for a reasonable price. It is more popular with backpackers and people who are into nature trips and safari adventures.

There you have it – the best value places from the pros. So, whether you are looking for great food, top-notch accommodation, or Instagram-worthy attractions, we hope you take this list to heart and consider these places when you plan your next getaway.

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