Understanding Liquid Assets and Why They Are Essential for You

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Should a recession come in 2023, households and businesses will want liquid or cash-equivalent assets that they can quickly convert into cash without loss of value to continue to pay their monthly bills and living expenses. Even in a strong economy, households may face emergencies or opportunities requiring exorbitant payments they can only make with a loan. Liquid assets are a portion of a household’s net worth but differ from other assets as they provide convenience, fluidity, flexibility, and financial security, reducing worry about imminent financial pressures. These … Read more

17 Ways To Pay off Credit Card Debt

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Trying to pay off credit card debt is daunting if you carry significant balances, but it is possible. Paying off this debt entirely is challenging and will take work and time. Taking a glance at credit card statistics, you’ll realize you’re far from being alone: Since the pandemic, strong consumer spending has resulted in surging debt levels, especially on credit cards, and if left unpaid, become quite toxic to your finances. It is more important than ever to learn to pay off credit card debt. Why Paying Off Your Credit Card … Read more

20 Best Places to Get Free Baby Samples

20 Best Places to Get Free Baby Samples

Expecting a baby is exciting, but it can be stressful. It brings significant lifestyle changes and is costly from day one. According to a US Department of Agriculture report, the average middle-income family will spend over $12,000 on child-related expenses in their baby’s first year. About half of that spending will be for one-time prepping items like a crib, a car seat, a stroller, clothes, and other accouterments. Still, there are many recurring costs you need to reflect in your annual budget, as you are already feeling the pinch from … Read more

4 Day Work Week May Soon Be a Reality: Benefits and Drawbacks

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There is growing momentum to change the typical five-day workweek, which has been in effect for more than 80 years in the US. The pandemic forced the move to remote work and opened the door for consideration of increased flexible work arrangements and the four-day workweek. Various four-day workweek trials have been underway in the US and globally, reflecting positive results. More companies are offering shorter workweeks for the same pay and benefit, and at least six states are considering bills to mandate or allow change to a … Read more

4 Investment Accounts That Can Advance Your Financial Goals

4 Investment Accounts That Can Advance Your Financial Goals

What kind of investment accounts do you need? There are various investment accounts, depending on your lifecycle and financial goals. Choose investment accounts that advance your goals. Your goals may be to begin investing, saving for retirement and college, liquidity for emergencies, and tax optimization strategies. These accounts can help you build wealth. Families may want to set up college savings or custodial accounts for young children, including a Roth IRA. Young investors may want to open a standard brokerage account, depositing some cash to get started buying index funds. Conversely, … Read more

34 Best Things To Sell To Make Money

34 Best Things To Sell To Make Money

Are you looking to make extra money fast? Many of us could do with some extra money in our pocket these days, especially amid rising inflation and economic uncertainty. With some thought and creativity, you’ll find there are many ways to sell things to make money. Here are some places you can start: We found 34 things to sell to make money. Start by decluttering your home and monetizing your stuff with a demand to extract its value. Although you can get rid of your things through traditional … Read more

Here Are 40 of the Best Ways To Make Extra Money

Here Are 40 Of The Best Ways To Make Extra Money

Want to put extra cash in your pocket? You can find ways to make extra money on the side that can be lucrative and fun. All you need to make extra money is an open mind, motivation, grit, and determination to use your creativity and skills you may already have or can grow. Find a need you see and can fill it. You can do a side hustle in your free time to make extra money legitimately: working from home and online using a car or a house getting additional … Read more

What is Current Ratio and Why Does It Matter?

What Is Current Ratio And Why Does It Matter

Running out of cash can be a frightening experience. It is one thing when you are in a restaurant, and you left your wallet at home. However, it can be quite stressful to realize you have a potential cash flow problem coming down the pike. By exercising financial discipline, you can avoid some everyday stresses. Having a large emergency fund when unforeseen events happen can soften the blow of sudden but necessary expenses. And yet, many Americans have not put enough savings aside for life’s uncertainties.  Having liquidity has become … Read more

What Is Real Estate Syndication? How It Works, Benefits & Drawbacks

What Is Real Estate Syndication How It Works, Benefits & Drawbacks

Owning real estate for investment purposes can be a great path to wealth. Depending on the property, it can generate predictable cash flow, capital gains and provide tax benefits. Besides being lucrative, real estate investing can be a hedge against inflation and an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio. There are several ways to invest in realty, from purchasing Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), rental single-family or multi-family properties, flipping houses, building an investment property, or joining a real estate syndication. Your choice in real estate investing … Read more