Forget Super Strength, These Marvel Heroes Are Killing It in Their Non-Superhero Careers

Robert Downey Jr. at the 2016 Doctor Strange World Premiere MSN

The new Ant-Man and the Wasp movie is out, and it’s making the Marvel world even bigger. We’ve seen over 24 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, introducing superheroes like Spiderman and Captain Marvel. Even though these heroes have different superpowers, they all have something in common – they also have regular lives and jobs when they’re not saving the world. What if She-Hulk had continued her ‘normal’ career as a lawyer or Ant-Man as an electrical engineer? New analysis reveals the Marvel characters who would be earning … Read more

In the Crowded Space of Celebrity Beauty Brands, Can a Winner Be Crowned?

Kylie Jenner MSN

Lots of famous people are telling us about their new beauty products a lot these days. There are so many skincare and makeup lines coming out recently. Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber, Scarlett Johansson, and others have all shared news about their own beauty lines in just the last few months. While each has its own unique spin – vegan, plant-based, non-profit, mission-driven – the ability to stand out rests mainly on the star power of the founder. A new analysis conducted by beauty experts at StyleCraze, reveals the most … Read more

13 Best Investment Apps to Get Started With Any Budget

13 Best Investment Apps to Get Started With Any Budget

Are you looking for the newest and best investment apps? There is no shortage of apps to help you run your investment empire from your phone. Mobile investing has been on the rise for several years, with over 150 million users in 2021, up more than threefold from 2016. With today’s best investment apps, all of your finances are just a few taps away. But the array of options and features can be dizzying. Do you need an individual retirement account or an individual brokerage account? Can you transfer money … Read more

Budget Excel Template: 5 Best (and Free) Budgeting Tools

Budget Excel Template 5 Best(And Free) Budgeting Tools

Are you wanting to keep track of your budget but don’t know where to start? A budget excel template is a great option to easily track your budget without getting bogged down in all the details of some of the more complicated tools. Whether you are saving for your next vacation or getting a handle on your monthly expenses, using a budget template is a smart way to reach your goals. What Makes a Good Budget Template? Everyone starts off budgeting with good intentions, but a budget only works if … Read more

19 Cheap Hobbies For Fun Or Money You Can Start Right Now

Serious Woman Gardening

One’s productivity, social life, mental and physical health, and even stress levels can be improved when one engages in meaningful hobbies. Hobbies can better your health on all fronts and bring about feelings of contentment and joy. What are Cheap Hobbies? Cheap hobbies are activities that individuals can engage in, without spending lots of money. They are accessible to people who may not have a lot of disposable income to spend on entertainment. This can be especially important for individuals on a tight budget or saving money for … Read more