Beware: The 12 Unfriendliest States In America Revealed – Is Your State One Of Them?

Do you live in a neighborhood where you can easily borrow a ladder? Or do you live in a town where it’s safer to keep things to yourself than be kind neighbors?

Here are the unfriendliest states in America.

1. Michigan

Michigan is considered one of the unfriendliest states in America with its crime rate being high. Many claim that Detroit is the rudest city in the state.

2. New York

The state is known for no-nonsense people who are blunt and straight to the point. Citizens are not welcoming and have very little patience for tourists.

3. Kentucky

While infrastructure and crime performance is good, healthcare and fiscal instability are concerning, as is the state's top ranking  in poverty.

4. South Carolina

The basis for this comes from the low quality of education and high crime rate. There’s been a notable steady increase in rates of aggravated assault and murder since 2016.

5. Oklahoma

As a result of awful healthcare access, 20% of the population aged 19 to 64 in this state do not have access to healthcare insurance.