17 People Over 30 Reveal How They “Ruined” Their 20s, A Must-Read For The Younger Generation

Your 20s bring personal growth and success, but life's challenges can alter paths.

People Over 30 Reveal How They “Ruined” Their 20s

1. Overthinking The Future

They regret spending much of their 20s worrying about the future, missing out on the present.

2. A Reflection On Age

Reflecting, you'll find valuing your age matters. In your 30s, you're still relatively young. Today is the youngest you'll ever be, so savor it.

3. You Can’t Have It All

If your 20s were all work and no play, you might crave the carefree fun of others later. Balance is key.

4. Little Steps Do Wonders

We've all felt stuck, which is frustrating, but starting the journey brings relief, not just reaching the end.

5. Navigating Depression

Trying something new won't worsen a low point; it can rekindle enjoyment in life. Achieving these goals is impressive.