I Can’t Believe What Happened To These 16 Spoiled Rich Kids – The Real World Showed Them No Mercy

Have you ever wondered how different spoiled rich kids live their lives? These trust-fund toddlers are usually so extra that you’ve probably seen some on the Dr. Phil show.

Here are eye-opening situations that amazingly happened to spoiled rich kids.

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1. You’ve Got Arrested?  Good Luck

There was this person who called his rich lawyer dad from jail. All he heard from the other line was, “Well, sorry to hear you got arrested. Good luck.”

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2. Parents Secretly Went To A Party And Used Their Spare Key To Steal The Son’s Car

On a fateful morning, his parents surprised him by stealing his car and driving off, leaving him without a ride.

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3. His Father Cut Him Off Without Saying Anything

One shared a story about a nepotism baby who spent most of his twenties blowing off his 120k monthly allowance  on parties.

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4. A Friend Reported The NFL Player’s Son To  The Police

The son of a ’90s NFL player would often get freshman girls drunk to sleep with them.

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5. Instagram Model Acting Rude To A Security Guard  At Vidcon

There was an Instagram model who attended the Vidcon and got into a screaming match with a security guard.


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