Recognizing The 14 Dead Giveaway Signs Of A Closet Genius – Are You One  Of Them?

Many of the kids who joined that TV show were academic geniuses, but do you know there are signs and dead giveaways of a closet genius?

Here are the ways you can recognize a genius.

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1. They Gather Information Before Making A Judgment

People who are geniuses tend to learn everything they can before making an informed decision.

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2. They Don’t Pretend To Know Everything

Geniuses are called such not just because they know a lot but because they know they need to know more.

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3. They Don’t Argue To Change Anyone’s Viewpoint

Arguing is fruitless, especially for people who are set on their ways, and a genius knows that.

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4. They Are Confident Enough To Admit When They Don’t Know Something

Smart people are so comfortable with their intelligence that they can easily admit ignorance if it’s the case.

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5. They Listen And Let You Do Most Of The Talking

Geniuses like gathering details, which can be accomplished better by listening.


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