12 Women Share How The ‘Red Pill Movement’ Affects Their Attraction To Men, And It’s  Not Good

The Red Pill Movement may not be familiar to everyone, but once you know what it means, you’ll be nodding your head yes and sharing your experiences related to it.

Women Share How The ‘Red Pill Movement’ Affects Their Attraction  To Men

Married women with wonderful husbands feel lucky and pledge to stay single if anything happens to their spouses.

1. Staying Single And Celibate If Something Happens To My Husband

Red pillers believe that women who sleep with them are promiscuous and if they don’t then they’re described as frigid.

2. Men Literally Hate Women So Why Be Intimate With Them

The key is to find a man who doesn’t belong in that sexist group.

3. More Hesitant To Get Involved With A Man

There will always be women in bad relationships with men, and while that’s a sad thing, knowing about this sexist movement is on a whole different level.

4. Start Losing Hope And Respect For Men

Some women believe that men show their real colors when in a place where only men are present.

5. Creepy Men Are Worse Than Imagined