Can You Relate? People Share The 14 Overpriced Items They’re Giving Up On

Prepare to go on a journey through the consumer experiences as we uncover the items, services, and products that leave us asking, why is this so horribly overpriced?

People Share The Overpriced Items They’re Giving Up On

Many people buy a new printer with ink because it’s cheaper than an ink cartridge.

1. The Expense Of Printers

Funerals are ridiculously expensive. When a loved one passes away, you’re already dealing with so much grief and sadness, and then you have to worry about these costs.

2. The Cost Of Funerals

People have noticed that grocery prices have increased in the past two years. It’s frustrating because even if you buy a few things, you spend $50-75.

3. The Price Of Groceries

The overpriced things are the things that matter most to people—housing, healthcare, and food.

4. Your Basic Needs

5. Anything To Do With Weddings

“Vendors and businesses hike up their prices as soon as they hear the word ‘wedding.’”