The 11 Most Disappointing TV Shows That Couldn’t Even Hold Audiences For A Single Episode

With an ever-expanding selection of TV shows to choose from, it can be tough to sift through the ones that aren’t worth  our time.

Most Disappointing TV Shows

1. Riverdale

Many assumed the adaptation would stay faithful to the comics but pointed to the show’s non-linear storylines and “ridiculous” writing as major letdowns.

2. Breaking Bad

The 5-season series "Breaking Bad" earned a 9.4 user rating on IMDb and became America's most-watched TV show, despite some viewers struggling to appreciate its appeal at first.

3. That 90’S Show

“That 90’s Show” failed to grip audiences as it missed the mark in replicating the time period it was supposedly set in.

4. The 100

“The 100” was disliked for its characters making immature decisions early on in the plot. People were appalled by the adult actors portraying  childish behavior.

5. The Idol

Unfortunately, the show was met with controversy due to its distasteful messages and offensive dialogue.