Jobs That Hire At 15 – 35 Best Options

Working at 15 trains you for future financial independence and empowerment. Maybe you want to boost your allowance, get a new phone, or start saving for your summer vacation.

Jobs That Hire At 15

1. Surveys

Jobs that hire at 15 are few and far between, so surveys provide an excellent opportunity for young people like you to earn back some  cash quickly.

2. Local Delivery

These jobs involve delivering stuff to people living nearby, and you get to use bicycles or electric scooters to zip around your area.

3. Pet Walking

Being a dog-sitter usually pays well and allows you to get some fresh air and exercise while spending time with a man’s  best friend.

4. Shopping Bagger

It allows young people to learn essential customer service practices such as being approachable, communicating clearly and efficiently.

5. KFC

KFC is among the best places to work at 15, from entry-level positions to management roles, so there’s something  for everyone.