18 People Share The Absolute Worst Things They’ve Said During A Breakup

Cliché breakup lines exist for a reason, and some find comfort in these familiar words. But some people prefer the truth rather than sugarcoating with flowery words.

These people shared their truths about when they broke up with their ex.

1. There’s No One Else, It’s Just You

One popular cliche breakup line goes, “It’s not you, it’s me.” But in this case, someone said he was straight to the point.

2. I Missed Her Parents More Than I Missed Her

Frank bumped into his ex months after their breakup, and when she inquired if he missed her, he replied, "I actually miss your  parents more."

3. I Just Don’t Love  You Anymore

Someone also commented on the worst thing she ever told an ex during a breakup: “I just don’t love you anymore.”

4. I’ve Been Really Happy Since We’ve Been Apart

Reconnecting with his ex, he said, "I've been happier without us, so I can't imagine rekindling things." Bravo.

5. You Know, You Are Right, We Aren’t Very Compatible

Besides saying they are incompatible, he told her, “Our relationship has been on the decline for some time.” What a healthy breakup.