Can You Handle The Pressure? 10 Jobs Where One Mistake Can End It All


Jobs come with tasks and responsibilities, and there are roles that demand more attention and focus than others.

Here are some high-stake professions that demand perfection and precision in their error-free work performances.

1. Safety Harness Personnel

The most upvoted comment is about the person who checks the safety harness for activities like bungee jumping and mountain climbing.

2. Radio Tower  Repair Man

Another risky job is the role that radio tower repairmen play. One wrong step can make you tumble down to your death.

3. Air Traffic Control

When you’re responsible for a lot of lives, it can definitely put a huge pressure on you. This is the case with air traffic controllers.

4. Astronaut

When you work somewhere as an astronaut, you can easily get lost, drift away, and die. It can definitely put a lot of pressure on you and your survival instinct.

5. Anesthesiologist

Many people in the thread believe that when an anesthesiologist makes a mistake, it can  be final.