Gen X Reveals Grown-Up Pleasures Not for the Young

Members of Generation X openly share their appreciation for the more ordinary aspects of adulthood that they secretly cherish.

Grown Up Stuff You Will Adore

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1. Rediscovering The Joy Of Costco Shopping

As a teen, Thomas found his parents' Costco trips dull. Now an adult, he sees it as the perfect Saturday activity.

2. Having The Car Washed

This person is genuinely excited about heading out front and washing their car before the sun goes down. They take much pleasure in that.

3. Exploring Local Grocery Stores

Stelle mentioned planning an excursion with a friend to explore a new grocery store opened in her neighborhood. She’s heard it’s quite impressive.

4. Embracing Domestic Bliss

Last night, she happily stayed in, doing laundry. Two decades ago, hearing she'd find joy in this on a Saturday night would've seemed absurd.

5. The Unexpected Joy Of Socks

One hasn't truly felt joy until receiving fine socks for Christmas or a birthday, akin to the delight of a high-quality pillow or luxuriously soft bed sheets.