12 “Ordinary” People Share What It’s Really Like To Date A Celebrity, And Some Are Surprisingly Wholesome

Celebrities seem to live in an entirely different world, so when an ordinary person crosses that boundary, it’s like stepping into a new territory.

Here are some experiences when ordinary people share what it’s really like when you’re dating a celebrity.

This is one of the best ways to date a celebrity—just to go to another country or pick a small town with fewer people.

1. Just Like A Typical Couple When Outside The Country

You get to meet popular people along the way, even if your relationship doesn’t work out in  the end.

2. Get To Meet More Hollywood Friends

End things early if you're dating a narcissistic celebrity. The excitement isn't worth the inevitable drama and struggles.

3. D-Lister Celebrity Was Insecure And Narcissistic

Dating a celebrity means limited privacy. Depending on their popularity, you'll be surrounded by assistants, fans, and even paparazzi.

4. Very Little Private Time With Each Other

When dating a celebrity, manage your own expectations. You’re not in a movie, so ground your imagination to reality so you won’t be disappointed.

5. Expecting A Prince Charming, Turns Out It’s A Frog