“The Most Effective Way To Fight Bacteria”: 15 Small Inventions That Rule Our Lives

Inventions, from the wheel to social media, have transformed the world, shaping how people live today.

Small Inventions That Rule Our Lives

1. Soap

Soap is a little invention created four millennia ago, and it is one of the necessities people use today.

2. Chainsaw

Originally a hand-cranked surgical device for difficult births, the chainsaw has evolved into a powerful tool, revolutionizing construction, forestry, and woodworking industries.

3. Bicycles

Today, it is the most eco-friendly and healthiest form of transportation you can use. Compared to other transport vehicles, it is also one of the cheapest.

4. Aircon/Refrigeration

From prolonging the shelf life of food to creating a cozy space you can stay in, air conditioners and refrigerators made people’s lives more convenient and comfortable.

5. Post-Its

Post-it notes or post-its are adhesive notes you normally use to remind yourself of important things you may keep forgetting.