Many Pretend to Dislike These 16 'Controversial' Things

The world is dominated by contrasting opinions, strong notions against one thing can lead to a wave of hatred that many people like to take part in.

Here are the controversial things that the world is fake-hating.

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1. Nickelback

Given a band's massive record sales, having critics is expected. However, the global mockery has led many to simply join the bandwagon.

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2. Anything That Has An Overly Fanatic Fanbase

Many believe some fanbases are just so over-the-top. They can’t help but feel a bit of resentment toward whatever they’ve been aggressively promoting.

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3. The Word Moist

Someone remarked, though, that it may be the sensation that comes with moist that most people hate and not the word itself.

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4. The American Version Of International Cuisines

Some people are just too loyal to the original recipes that they find this fusion a disrespect to the origin of the cuisines.

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5. Free Healthcare & Education Concept

Free healthcare and education show public services improving. Yet, some oppose, citing suspicion, labeling it a radical left agenda. It's disheartening.


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