13 Best Paying Jobs That Hire The Dumbest People, According to The Internet

We want a world where every job likes and brings in people with different talents and qualifications. But, in reality, things are often more complicated.

Some people hold opinions about certain professions that require less intellectual knowledge or qualifications than others. Here are the 13 dumbest jobs—do you agree? 

1. Sheriff’s Dept Employees

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This man shares he knows a guy named Mike. Mike seemed kind and had a family, but he struggled to find a job due to his lack of qualifications and difficulty understanding things. 

Surprisingly, Mike applied to work at the Sheriff’s department, and they hired him. Despite his challenges, they appreciated him. This shows that the skills needed for a job might be someone who can handle simple tasks.

2. Cooks in the Navy

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When you enlist in the Navy, they assess your skills and inform you about the available job options based on your test scores. The Navy takes great care in matching recruits with roles that align with their abilities and aptitudes.

The rumor in the Navy is that if your test results are on the lower end, the only potential job offer you might receive is to become a cook. 

3. Working for the Transportation Security Administration

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The TSA, or the Transportation Security Administration, hires the dumbest people. Many people believe many TSA agents are not even high school graduates. This one person shares their experience of needing to explain things multiple times when going through security checks, like the idea of dual citizenship.

This leads some people to think that the TSA might not require the highest level of education for their workers.

4. The Guitar Center Salespeople

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Being a Guitar Center salesperson is another job that hires the dumbest people. One person shared their experience, joking that it takes five salespeople and two managers to buy a simple kazoo. A kazoo is a musical instrument that generates sound when someone hums or sings into it, resulting in a buzzing or vibrating tone.

This example, combined with salespeople lacking knowledge of guitars, makes people think that working at Guitar Center might not require the highest level of intelligence. 

5. Real Estate Agents

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Many people think people working in real estate might not be the smartest people in the room. 

Some real estate agents are good at their work, but there are also agents who leave people wondering how they handle things in their jobs. Like lacking basic topography skills and not being able to help their customers fully because of that. 

6. Supermarket Employees

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Supermarkets tend to hire a wide range of people, so while not everyone working there is unintelligent, you can find quite a few who are not very smart.

Supermarkets just need people who do their job and what is asked of them, so that’s a great group to have. Working at the supermarket is mostly doing a daily routine of tasks. Some people shared they liked their job there because of that. 

7. Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

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People think that those working in Multilevel Marketing (MLM) must be on the list of not being the smartest. MLM is a type of business where you try to sell products and recruit other people to sell them. 

Some people question the intelligence of MLM workers because these companies often promise big earnings, but many end up not making much money. 

8. Sport Shop Employees

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Let me give you an example to explain why people think sports shop employees aren’t the smartest. Imagine walking into a sports shop to buy the same sneakers you wear. You’d expect that to be simple, right? 

Sometimes, it turns out to be tricky. This one man shared getting the same sneakers from the same store takes a while because they couldn’t find the right shoes.

9. Being a Truck Driver

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Truck drivers do an important job of delivering things all over the place. But some people have stories that make them wonder. 

For example, they’ve seen truck drivers making wrong turns on their regular route, getting lost with big maps or GPS devices, and seeing them do their paperwork behind the wheel, which is not the smartest decision. 

10. Being a Shrimp Boat Captain

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Being a shrimp boat captain involves managing a boat and catching shrimp. Sounds easy enough, right? 

Sometimes, stories can make people scratch their heads. There are tales of shrimp boat captains not knowing the best spots to catch shrimps or having trouble with their equipment.

11. Plumbing Jobs

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Being a plumber means fixing pipes, sinks, and other water-related things in houses or buildings. People assume that plumbing jobs require less formal education or specialized skills than other professions.

Imagine someone telling a story about a plumber who accidentally fixed the wrong pipe in a house, causing a bit of a mess. Also, there are lots of examples shared about how some plumbers communicate, which leaves room for improvement. 

12. Warehousing Employees

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There usually aren’t strict educational requirements for warehousing jobs. Some employees in warehousing might have difficulty reading or understanding written instructions, which can affect safety rules. 

Even though the training is designed to be simple and clear, some workers still make simple mistakes, like forgetting how to do tasks they’ve done many times before. There are even instances where employees need extra help, like printing instructions, because they struggle to follow tasks.

13. The Food Service Industry

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Working in the food industry might be considered dumb because some jobs in this field don’t always require a lot of education. For example, jobs like preparing fast food or serving at a restaurant may not need a college degree. 

There can be instances where employees make mistakes with orders, have an attitude while they are wrong, or get confused about basic things, which can frustrate customers.

Does this make you think of a profession that isn’t named here where aren’t the brightest people on the block?

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