14 Innocent Jokes That Somehow Became The Center Of Intense Controversy

While scrolling, I came across a question about something that began as a joke but is now taken too seriously.

The top answers to this question are fascinating.

1. Dogecoin

A Twitter post where someone asked the creator of Dogecoin if they thought about the environment when they made it. 

2. The Earth Is Flat

The earth is flat should be a joke that people now take way too seriously.

3. Schrodinger’s Cat

Schrödinger meant it to be a silly idea, but people misunderstood it and started using it to explain quantum concepts to non-experts.

4. Scientology

The goal is to achieve spiritual enlightenment and improve themselves. People said L. Ron Hubbard took a bet that he could start his religion and did just that.

5. QAnon

QAnon is a conspiracy theory that started in 2017. It claims a secret group of powerful people is trying to harm President Trump.