20 Best Platforms Where You Can Write And Get Paid Instantly

If you want a side gig to earn extra cash or embark on a new career as a writer, freelance writing offers numerous ways to make money online with a flexible schedule and immediate paycheck.

Let’s start and learn how to start making money online with some of the best apps for freelance writing gigs.

1. Fiverr

You can earn up to $10,000 depending on the contract terms. Once the client approves your work, you can get paid almost instantly.

2. FlexJobs

Sell your skills as a freelancer through FlexJobs, a job platform that brings employers and freelance workers together.

3. Upwork

Freelance writing is one of the most popular gigs on Upwork, a platform that provides online job opportunities to millions of people all over the globe.

4. SpyreStudios

The website focuses on design trends, jQuery, typography, WordPress HTML, minimalism, and blogging.

5. OneSpace

If you know how to construct engaging articles but need to gain job experience, OneSpace might be your best option.