20 Worst Jobs For Introverts Who Hates Interacting With People

Do you like working on the frontline? Are you sociable? Are you good at making sales talk?

If you answered no, you should stay clear of situations that call for such traits and avoid the worst jobs for introverts.

Worst Jobs For Introverts

1. Sales Executive

You are not only required to engage in a lot of small talks, but you must also maintain a warm and friendly attitude so that the potential customers feel comfortable.

2. Customer Service Representative

They must be capable of handling customer queries and, at times, selling products and services.

3. Recruiter

Recruiters not only hunt for the right resource but are also required to conduct interviews and keep the candidates in the loop during the hiring process.

4. Real Estate Agent

Small talk and sociability are basic skills an agent needs to have in this line of work. Real estate agents must be assertive to sell to  potential clients.

5. Event Planner

If you have an introverted personality, it may be overwhelming to meet with clients and keep a steady line of communication  with them.