Heartless Or Justified? Wife Refuses To House Mother-In-Law With Rottweiler

On the Internet, an individual shared his dilemma regarding his mother, who needs a place to stay.

The issue here is that Gray’s wife adamantly refuses to let her live with them, as it would entail having to look after another guest: the mother’s giant pet Rottweiler.

How Did The Mother Lose Her Home?

Her government-funded home was taken away by the state without prior notice. She’s currently unemployed because of her disability.

Why Won’t His Wife Allow The Mother To Live With Them?

The wife wasn’t willing to dedicate time and energy towards caring for her disabled mother-in-law and a large, untrained dog.

Would It Be Dangerous To Keep A Rottweiler?

The mere thought of living with a Rottweiler triggered the wife’s lifelong phobia. She feared that the dog would pose a threat to their kids.

Is The Wife’s Reaction Heartless Or Justified?

Many thought he was being insensitive to consider his wife’s perspective. Housing both the mother and the  dog would pile extra responsibilities.