Dig Into Spring: Where To Get Free Compost Near Me

Looking for free compost can be a time-consuming and effortful task, especially in the spring.

Ways To Get Free Compost Near Me

1. Rethink Waste

The company provides the public with home composting kits, which allow residents to divert their organic waste from the landfill  and convert it into valuable  garden compost.

2. Facebook Marketplace

You can often find people looking to eliminate their excess compost for free, which is a great way to get high-quality compost without paying for it.

3. Local Coffeehouses

Coffee grounds and eggshells make excellent additions to a compost pile, and most coffee houses are happy to give them away for free.

4. Ask Local Landscaping Companies

Many localities offer programs to collect landscape waste and turn it into compost. Residents can use the compost to improve their yards  and gardens.

5. ShareWaste

This amazing organization collects compostable waste from businesses and residences and turns it into high-quality manure that you can use in your backyard.