She Doesn’t Want To Invite Her Unsupportive Sister To Her Wedding, Is She Wrong?

On an online forum, a young woman posted about her tension-filled predicament: her engagement to a man is being contested by her older sister.

To keep her identity hidden, we’ll refer to her as Reverie. Because Reverie’s sister insists on making her rethink her marriage plans, she decided not to invite her to  the wedding.

Reverie, age 24, recently got engaged to her 30-year-old fiancé, whom she had known for six months.

Acknowledging that it may not seem like enough time to get to know a potential spouse, she claimed that they were “madly in love and ready to commit to each other fully.”

Her problem rose when she announced the engagement to her older sister, who ended up being unsupportive of it.

The sister also suggested spending more time nurturing the relationship before entering a permanent commitment with him. To this, Reverie argued that she and her fiancé were already fully bonded.

Deeply upset by their exchange, Reverie gave her sister an ultimatum: if she was not willing to support the marriage, then she had no right to attend the wedding.

They explained that a relationship lasting only six months is not yet fully developed; therefore, jumping into marriage right away was not wise.