“Breaking The Cycle”: 15 Mistakes Boomer Parents Made, And  Why Millennial Parents Won’t

Millennials feel like boomers are out of touch with reality, especially with their parenting methods.

Here are some mistakes boomer parents made that millennial parents swear not to repeat to their kids.

1. Comparing Your Children To Other Children

Competitive boomers often compare their kids to others, a mistake millennials say led to self-esteem issues.

2. Overprotecting Your Children

Bubble-wrap parenting, popular among boomers, is an overprotective strategy. As a millennial parent, excessive coddling can feel suffocating.

3. Using TV As Your Children’s Babysitter

Millennial parents view TV as an educational tool for children, while boomers see it mainly for entertainment and distraction.

4. Ignoring The Importance Of Mental Health

You need to break the cycle that fosters anxiety and depression by creating an environment where your kids feel comfortable and safe to be themselves.

5. Invalidating Your Children’s Feelings

Boomer parents often invalidate their children's feelings. Millennials aim to teach their kids to express emotions without fear of judgment.