These 10 People Share The Things They’re Tired Of Dealing With – Do You Agree?


The internet is definitely an abundant source of information. While I was browsing, I came across a question that caught my attention: "What is something you've lost patience for?" 

The top-voted responses are quite interesting.

1. We Don’t Want  Family Drama

The top comment on people's exhaustion with family drama emphasizes the importance of setting boundaries and being treated with respect by your own family.

2. Working Outside Of Work Hours

Chester shared that he no longer works outside of regular hours. He believes life is too short to prioritize work above everything else.

3. When People Don’t Communicate Properly

They take everything people say at face value now and don’t replay conversations in their heads to find out the real meaning anymore.

4. People Who Force Their Beliefs On You

Such behavior is often seen as disrespectful and intolerant, as it disregards the autonomy and individuality of others.

5. People Who Are Constantly Late To Plans

Most people who are consistently late do not respect the time of others, which can become a burden to deal with.