10 Things That Will Make You Nostalgic: They Just Aren’t As Good As They Used To Be

Are you curious about the things that have declined in quality over time? Do you want to know what people are missing from the good old days?

Check out the top responses to the question “what isn’t as good as it used to be?”

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1. Quality Of Clothes

A user called Guan mentioned the decline in clothing quality. Lots of people agreed, and Guan added he wants basics that last.

2. The Life Span Of Electronics

The life span of electronics had declined so much over the years. Many people in the thread agreed and started sharing stories of vacuums, TVs, blenders, everything.

3. Educational Channels Such As The History Channel

Kir mentioned that they found History Channel and other educational channels quite informative, but not anymore.

4. The Fries At McDonald’s

The fries at McDonald’s used to contain a small amount of beef flavoring in the cooking oil, but they are now vegetarian-friendly.

5. The Internet

"Once a mysterious creature that appeared on special occasions, the internet has become akin to a permanent houseguest who  never leaves."