The Top 10 Things Millennials And Gen Z Are Tired Of Hearing: Stop Saying These Things


 Millennials and Generation Z members share things they wished others (specifically, older fellows) would stop telling them.

Here are the top-rated answers.

1. “Don’t Believe Everything You See On The Internet”

Concerned parents assumed that their children were too gullible to be exposed to the Internet without guidance.

2. “You Kids And Your Darn Phones”

Millennials may be characterized as phone addicts, but they actually have much in common with the older generation calling them out for their frequent phone usage.

3. “Back In My Time, Things Were So Much Better”

If you’re someone who loves to reminisce about the “good old days,” you might want to think twice about what society was like back then.

4. “You Need To Stop Being So Sensitive”

It’s evident that the current generation is deeply in touch with their emotional side—but that doesn’t mean things have changed for the worse.

5. “How Come Nobody Talks Anymore?”

With the dawn of platforms like Twitter and Instagram, people can stay updated on what their friends are doing without having to meet in person.