20 Sinking Fund Categories To Include In  Your Budget

Budgeting is one of the most significant financial habits. Once you have a budget that you can stick to, it’s important to start building up your sinking fund categories.

Best Sinking  Fund Categories

1. Birthdays And  Other Occasions

If you are planning on giving gifts around other holidays, you need to plan and save to buy gifts without putting a dent in the budget.

2. Travel And Vacations

It is nice to get away and spend some relaxing time on a vacation every once in a while.

3. Pet Care

Putting aside a certain monthly amount for your beloved pet is an important sinking  fund category.

4. Utility Bills

You can then put aside the resultant amount for the utility bill regardless of the actual bill for that month.

5. New Furniture

With this sinking fund, your budget will be protected, and you can buy a new sofa without bending the budget.