All-Time Favorite Celebrities Exposed As Secret Jerks—Prepare To Be Surprised

I recently discovered an online discussion listing beloved celebrities who were revealed to have undesirable behind-the-scenes personas.

Here are the top responses.

According to some, the talk show host spent decades profiting off of her likable facade on camera and reportedly using it to “sell pseudoscientific health products.”

1. Oprah Winfrey

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“My coworker, who used to be a security guard, once met Cosby and introduced himself to the celebrity. Cosby just looked at him with disgust and said he was not allowed to talk to him. He then tried to treat my coworker like a servant.”

2. Bill Cosby

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Many expressed their disdain for Ellen’s mean-spirited personality in real life, which was in stark contrast to her “wholesome scripted self.”

3. Ellen DeGeneres

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Many commenters mentioned having their suspicions about Steve Harvey’s character, pointing to the fact that he authored a book about marriage despite getting  divorced twice.

4. Steve Harvey

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According to many, Jordan publicly humiliated new recruits by lashing out at them in front of their team.

5. Michael Jordan

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