18 Shockingly Offensive TV Shows That Would Never See The Light Of Day

From The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air to Breaking Bad, many TV shows have aired throughout the years that helped develop the current landscape of today’s television scene.

But not all shows are worth their airtime, and some are just horrible. Here are offensively horrible TV shows you should avoid.

1. America’s Next  Top Model

"America's Next Top Model," which started in 2003, aimed to create new models, offering an exciting premise but promoting controversial body image concepts.

2. Jim’ll Fix It

Jim’ll Fix It didn’t age well, though, especially with the allegations of abuse inside the show after Savile’s death.

3. The Swan

People, in general, have mixed remarks like, “The therapy sessions were a joke and were just for the show while these poor women with low self-esteem were preyed upon for entertainment.”

4. What Not To Wear

This British series feels very intrusive to the guests, where 2 strangers pick apart your style and personality.

5. Dance Moms

American reality TV show Dance Moms features stage mothers strictly guiding their dancer kids to reach their dreams, along with the bickers and disagreements.