16 Horrifying Facts That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine, I Wish I Could Unlearn Them

There’s this popular quote that goes, “Knowledge is power,” but others may disagree and say, “Ignorance is bliss.”

Horrifying Facts You Would Never Want  to Know

Mad cow disease can remain dormant in a person’s body for over 50 years. When triggered, it resurfaces, and it’s usually fatal and has no cure.

1. Mad Cow Disease Can Lie Dormant For Over Fifty Years

If you have these genes, your skin has a higher chance of being tan and with the tendency of being bald.

2. Neanderthal DNA Gives People Random Emergency-Level Blood Clots

While not as terrifying as some facts, it sends shivers down your spine, making it seem like your opinions are more publicly displayed than intended.

3. Reddit Threads Poached And Posted On TikTok

Brain aneurysms are very scary because they come as sudden and immediate but also excruciatingly painful.

4. Brain Aneurysm Can Affect You Anytime

Scottish doctors invented a childbirth chainsaw, but fortunately, it didn't catch on, saving expectant mothers from potential hesitations about pregnancy.

5. Chainsaw Used  For Childbirth