Tips On How To Stop Money Blocks & Improve Your Life

When you feel like you may be making less money than you want, your mindset may be holding you back. These negative notions are called money blocks.

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Here are 10 common money blocks which may help you identify if you are indeed experiencing a  money block.

1. It Is Better To Give  Than Receive

Helping others around you is good, but when it becomes excessive, you must reflect  on how it affects your  financial situation.

2. You Believe You Do Not Attract Good Things In Life

You attract what you believe in, and the defeatist attitude may pull you in the opposite direction.

3. You Hoard Money

While saving money gives you a safety net, hoarding is not good. You may be compromising on your quality of life when you’re not spending money at all.

4. You Do Not Have  Clear Goals

Having a direction in life is important, so you know what you’re working toward.