Meet The 14 ‘Do Nothing’ Dream Jobs That Pay  Big Bucks

Hard work pays off, but some jobs pay so much more without requiring the hard work part.

Here are the jobs many can call dream jobs because they basically do nothing.

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1. Vacant Video Game Studio Producer

A video game studio producer gets paid 150k USD annually to help in the production of high-quality cinematics and animations.

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2. E-Learning Assistant

The job description only covers assisting people in the university who don’t know how to use Zoom. They can be doing nothing in months.

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3. A Financial Institution Art Director

When art directors are hired by private companies like financial institutions and only need to ensure branding guidelines, they don’t really do much.

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4. Senior Data Engineer

Since data models and reports can be run for troubleshooting, the tasks become so much easier. And they get paid around 120k USD per year.

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5. Answering Service Worker

Night shifts for answering service workers are a dream – rare calls allow them to watch TV, read, and use their phones.


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