You Can’t Make This Up: 16 Insane Facts That Are Stranger Than Fiction

The world is like an endless mystery. Just look around you—chances are, there is something extraordinary to be discovered if you just dig a little deeper.

Here are the unusual facts that will make you wonder about all the things we don’t know.

Instead of taking a kidney out and switching it with a new one, a third kidney is inserted into your abdomen during a transplant.

1. Kidney Transplants Give You An Extra Kidney

Since they breed so fast, more eels leave the Bermuda Triangle  than go in.

2. More Eels Swim Out Of The Bermuda Triangle Than Into It

The opposite may be true now, but back then, pink was considered a masculine color.

3. Pink Used To Be A Manly Color

Famous for selling plastic vehicles that fit in the palm of your hand, the tires produced by LEGO outnumber every tire company in the world.

4. LEGO Is The World’s Top Manufacturer Of Tires

5. Queen Victoria Popularized White Wedding Dresses

In fact, brides used to wear dresses of all colors before Queen Victoria started the trend in 1840 with her white satin gown.