Free Pallets Near Me: 15 Best Places To Get Pallets

Do you need wood pallets? You can repurpose these pallets in so many ways.

If you are a do-it-yourself (DIY) hobbyist or a woodworker, you may have asked yourself several times: where can I find free pallets near me?

1. Bars And Craft Beer Locations

Many of these establishments receive beer kegs on pallets and are often willing to give them away for free.

2. Pet Food Stores

Many pet stores use wood pallets to store and transport pet food, and they’re usually happy to give them away for free.

3. Construction Sites

Construction sites are a great source of free pallets, as they’re often used to hold materials during the building process.

Schools typically receive supplies on pallets and often have extras they would be happy to get rid of.

4. Schools

Many stationary shops receive shipments of paper and other materials on pallets, and they’re often happy to give them away rather than pay to have them hauled off.

5. Stationery Shops