How To Find A Free Car Vacuum Near Me & Save More Money

Do you need some car care and help clean your auto’s interior but are trying to save cash? You may wonder, “where can I find a place with a free car vacuum  near me?”

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While most pay to get their car cleaned and vacuumed, take note that free car vacuum services are  also available.

1.  Wash N Go is a San Diego-based car wash service with 5 locations in San Diego. The company offers its repeat customers a free car vacuum facility in all  5 locations.

2.  Raceway Car Wash has around 33 facilities in Texas, California, Nevada, and Arizona and offers a free self-service facility for car vacuum cleaning.

3.  Quick Quack Car Wash has around 140 car washing facilities. Quick Quack requires customers to pay for the carwash to use the car vacuum equipment. 

4.  Go Car Wash offers customers free vacuum cleaning services throughout the country, including Missouri, Kansas, Texas, New York, Nevada, and Virginia.

5.  Flash Car Wash operates in Connecticut, Florida, and Rhode Island and offers free self-service car vacuum cleaning.