Think Twice Before Attempting These 17 ‘Flexes’ That Could Instantly Ruin Your Reputation (According To The Internet)

Ever witnessed someone’s show-off attempt go terribly wrong? People ragged on the most underwhelming shows of pride they’ve encountered.

Here are the lackluster flexes that create a cringe-worthy image.

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1. “I Never Take Leaves From Work”

So many agreed that it’s foolish to forgo time off from work because it means missing out on opportunities to do enjoyable activities or simply relax.

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2. “I’m My  Own Boss”

These “bosses” who brag about self-employment are actually part of scams in which they are pressured to meet  sales quotas.

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3. “Don’t You Know Who My  Parents Are?”

The line “Do you know who my parents are?” is an ineffective flex, only making you appear entitled.

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4. “Look At My Fancy New Car!”

This expense can come with high-interest rates, causing financial strain. Purchasing a car to form an illusion of wealth usually leads to  monetary pitfalls.

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5. “I’m An  Alpha Male”

Men who feel the need to assert dominance may be attempting to compensate for their personal insecurities.


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