Maximize Your Earnings with These Proven DoorDash Hacks

Being a DoorDash driver is more than just a job: it’s also a way to earn some extra cash.

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Best DoorDash Driver Hacks

1. Update Your Customers

Whether through texts, calls, or even just a quick update in the app, letting your customer know you’re on your way will help keep  them happy.

With a Sharpie, you can quickly write down an order or an address without searching for a pen.

2. Always Keep A Sharpie In Your Car

To check for stacked orders, click the “Possible Stacks” section in the DoorDash app, and they pay a little extra for stacked orders.

3. Take Stacked Orders

These places are great since they tend to be much less busy than restaurants with delivery and dine-in options.

4. Wait Near Ghost Kitchens

By prioritizing Caviar orders, drivers can earn more money without extra hours.

5. Prioritize Caviar Orders