DoorDash Driver Review – From Traffic Jams to Tips

Do you want to earn extra cash by delivering food? In this DoorDash Driver review, you’ll learn the ins and out you need to know before you get started with DoorDash.


Find a local restaurant on the mobile app, place your food order, and DoorDash’s food delivery service will get your meal to your door in the designated delivery time.

What Is DoorDash?

If you need some extra cash, then DoorDash delivery service is for you. DoorDash is a very popular app-based food delivery service operating on-demand.

How Does DoorDash Work?

Customers place food orders, the app transfers order details to an available Dasher, delivering the food to the customer after picking it up from the restaurant.

Who Can Become A Dasher?

It is pretty easy to become a Dasher. DoorDash welcomes new Dashers, primarily due to the increased number of orders

The initial pay for a new Dasher ranges from $2 to $10 per order. According to a DoorDash study, an average Dasher can earn up to $18.5 to $20 per hour.

How Can You Earn More?

If you want to earn more than average, you can: accept large orders, avoid high traffic areas, look for free parking zones, and work peak hours.

DoorDash Promotions

DoorDash provides guaranteed Earning Offers to Dashers of a minimum amount of $2,750. Swipe up to learn more.

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